About Behnavar Co.

For over half a century, Behnavar Iran has remained dynamic, overseeing its products across different stages of production, including raw material procurement, manufacturing processes, and final quality assurance. This is done in strict adherence to relevant technical knowledge and medical standards, under the supervision of regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry.

In recent years, leveraging the expertise of our skilled workforce, Behnavar Iran has expanded its product range to include items such as injection glue, wound dressing rolls, and angiocath glue. This expansion underscores our commitment to diversifying our product portfolio while maintaining a focus on continuous quality improvement, cutting-edge technology adoption, and compliance with local standards.

About Us

History of Behnavar Iran

Established in 1968 in Tehran with registration number 12603, Behnavar Iran Co., Ltd. initially operated under the name Iran Vito Joint Stock Co. The company’s primary objective was to import essential raw materials and machinery for the production of various surgical tapes, band-aids, and other industrial and decorative tapes. This endeavor began with a “Technology transfer license agreement” with Beiersdorf AG of Germany, marking Behnavar Iran as the pioneering manufacturer of such diverse adhesive tapes in Iran.

In 1971, the company underwent a name change to Iran Bandfix, and following the Islamic revolution, it was renamed Behnavar Iran Co., Ltd. to adhere to the country’s regulatory requirements.

Year of Founded


Behnavar Iran Co., Ltd. has established management systems based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, as well as national and regional regulations. We commit to upholding the following principles:

- Compliance with all relevant obligations, rules, and regulations concerning our products.

- Utilization of advanced global knowledge, technology, and standards, while adapting them to local contexts.

- Investment in enhancing the capabilities of our staff through effective knowledge management, recognizing them as the most valuable assets of the company.

- Assurance of quality, product safety, and provision of necessary consumer awareness.

- Prompt and transparent handling of customer complaints to enhance satisfaction.

- Branding as a competitive advantage to enhance organizational performance and diversify production.

- Creation of benefits for customers, business partners, and all stakeholders.

- Optimization of productivity, production efficiency, energy consumption, and waste management.

- Ensuring a safe and hygienic work environment for our staff.

- Continuous improvement in environmental performance, aiming to minimize pollution and enhance environmental sustainability.

Company Mission

Behnavar Iran Co., Ltd. is dedicated to improving the health, hygiene, and therapeutic conditions of society while adhering to the highest qualitative and hygienic standards in line with current global best practices. Our mission encompasses the following priorities:

- Enhancing customer satisfaction indices.

- Eliminating non-conformities, including achieving Master Document Registration (MDR).

- Decreasing environmental pollution.
- Developing an authorized dealer network.

- Diversifying our product portfolio.
- Elevating staff potential through scientific training.

- Developing sales and marketing systems through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation.

- Organizational Values (Core Beliefs)

- Deployment of up-to-date knowledge.

- Embracing creativity, innovation, flexibility, and intelligent efforts to meet market demands.

- Adopting a customer-oriented approach while fostering the development of dealer abilities and professional progress to increase their income.

- Ensuring a professional safety and hygienic atmosphere.

- Fostering a high level of staff commitment and promoting staff skills through continuous training.

Organizational Values

- Up-to-date knowledge deployment

- Creativity, innovation, flexibility and Intelligent effort to meet a balanced fulfillment of target market demands

- Customer-oriented approach alongside with ability development and professional progress to raise the dealers’ income

- Professional Safety & Hygienic atmosphere

- High level of staff commitment

- Staff skill promotion through continuous training

Company Vision

Our vision is to become the market leader in the domestic surgical tape segment. We aim to achieve CE certification to expand into neighboring markets. Through collaboration with sales agents, managers, leaders, and business owners, we aspire to offer health-oriented products.