About Behnavar Co.

Being vibrant for more than half a century, Behnavar Iran monitors its products in different phases of production including raw material supply, production operations and final check proof in compliance with relevant technical knowledge and medical standard observance under the supervision of watchdog organizations mainly involving the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry.

Also, we could have produced some other products encompassing injection glue, wound dressing roll and angiocath glue in recent years by our skilled specialist work force. Hence, Behnavar Iran has the idea of stretching the product portfolio with respect to continuous quality, cutting-edge technology and local standards.

About Us

History of Behnavar Iran

Founded in 1968 in Tehran (register number 12603) under an initial name of Iran Vito Join Stock Co. in order to import necessary raw material and required machinery for producing various types of surgical tapes, band-aid and other industrial and decorative tapes in reference with a technology transfer license agreement with Beiersdorf AG of Germany, hence it can be mentioned as the first manufacturing company of disparate kinds of above-mentioned adhesive tapes in Iran. Later, the company name changed into Iran Bandfix in 1971 and after Islamic revolution was renamed to Behnavar Iran Co. due to country rules and regulations.

Year of Founded


Behnavar Iran Co. have organized managing systems on the basis of ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 standrds and also national and regional ones and obligates to perpetrate the following principles: - Considering whole obligations, rules, regulations in relevance with products - Applying progressed global knowledge and technology and standrads localization - Raising staff capablities through knowledge manangment as th emost invaluable assets of the company - Qulaity assurance, product health and providing consumers with necessary awareness - Customer complaint handling and fast clear response to raise satisfaction - Branding as a competetive advantage in order to ameliorate the organization performance and production diversity - Creating benfits for customers, business partners and all beneficieries - Optimizing Productivity, production efficiency, optimized energy consumption and waste managemnet - Safe and hygenic ambiance for staff - Enhancing the non-polluting enviornmental indices

Company Mission

Having consolidated its activities to raise the health level, general hygiene and therapy conditions of the society in parallel with its unique qualitative and hygienic enhancement in accordance with current state-of-the-art global standards, Behnavar Iran Co. develops the following prominences: - Customer satisfaction index improvement - Non-conformity Elimination, Master Document Registration, Increase customer satisfaction - Environmental pollution decrease - Authorized dealer network development - Product basket diversification - Staff potential elevation through scientific trainings - Sale & Marketing system development through CRM implementation

Organizational Values

- Up-to-date knowledge deployment - Creativity, innovation, flexibility and Intelligent effort to meet a balanced fulfillment of target market demands - Customer-oriented approach alongside with ability development and professional progress to raise the dealers’ income - Professional Safety & Hygienic atmosphere - High level of staff commitment - Staff skill promotion through continuous training

Company Vision

- Being the market leader in surgical tape segment inland - Obtaining CE to penetrate the neighbourhood markets - Offering health-oriented products with the collaboration of sales agents, managers, leaders and business owners - Enhancing the quality of production and distribution and product innovation and development